About Me

Welcome to The Dark Forest Co! I am your resident forest hag, Kibby. The Dark Forest Co. was created from my desire to have merch for my favorite fandoms (with a focus on underrepresented fandoms) and desperately needing a project to get me through the COVID-19 pandemic (which is still going on, so please wear a mask!). I create all the designs with the use of licensed fonts, graphics, Procreate, and Affinity. More info on item printing, sourcing, etc. can be found on our Product Information page.

Hey look! It me! From like 15 years ago because it was the last photo of myself that I liked!

Forest Hag Facts

  • California girl, right down to my blonde hair
  • Loves the snow, lives in area that gets no snow, is very sad about this
  • I am most likely the only legally named Kibby you'll ever know
  • Reading has literally saved my life
  • My dream is to own a house, deep in the forest, where city noises wont reach me
  • Favorite words are ampersand, petrichor, and Bandersnatch Cummerbund
  • I have anxiety, depression, misophonia, and a deep desire for mental health to be more accepted and understood
  • Breakfast food is the best food and I do not accept other opinions on the matter
  • I look forward to updating this list when I think of other mildly interesting facts about me


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at thedarkforestco@gmail.com.